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The Wonderful Cross
When Jesus says these blunt words today, how do we receive them? Do we understand the conditions of being a missionary disciple of Christ? Throughout the centuries, many saints and theologians have written on the importance of honoring the Creator more than creatures. In our personal lives, this means loving God more than any other human being, whether that person is our father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, etc. When we love God above all else, He will properly order our relationships so that we can serve Him most effectively. The Christian life always passes through the cross. There is no way around it, as Jesus tells us today. We must pick up our cross each day and follow Him, knowing that He will present us with struggles and suffering but never in vain. As Saint John Paul II wrote in Salvifici Doloris n.23: “To suffer means to become particularly susceptible, particularly open to the working of the salvific powers of God, offered to humanity in Christ. In Him, God has confirmed His desire to act especially through suffering, which is man’s weakness and emptying of self.”  archstl.org/dynamic